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The Influence Engine

Powered By The “C4” Client Acquisition Method To Solve The REAL Reason Why Your Message Doesn’t Scale So You Can Unlock Rapid Growth Past $20k… $50k… Even $100k Months — CONSISTENTLY.

Completely Enhanced & Updated For 2023! Our Mentorship Has Created More Success Stories Than Any Other Program On The Market, With Multiple Millions of Dollars In Verified Student Sales...   

Los Silva, Josh Snow and the Powerhouse team have managed to create one of the Top Mentorship Program in existence right now! 

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Los Silva & Josh Snow Coach People To

Build Seven & Eight Figure+ brands

Shelby Gregory

Co-Founder at Club Early Bird

Shelby and her husband Chuckie took advantage of a Fly-In Friday in the PowerHouse office and in one day were able to get all the answers to their questions and more!

Kota Ivers

Co-Founder at Gr8ful Solar

Kota and his partners joined PowerHouse and in their first year they were able to open 2 new offices, scale their brand presence, had record breaking revenue weeks within their coaching company and landed the NFL as a client to their digital agency!

Jeff McPherson

Founder of MacTech

"Powerhouse is always a great experience. The networking, the mingling, the learning, everything that comes with it. The speakers were fantastic. I love coming down here and just being a part of the community. They make you feel like family."

Josh Kennedy

Founder at Moguls HQ

"If I were to describe the powerhouse intensive to someone that's never been, I would say in one word, it'd probably be intimate. You know, a lot of times like you go to this kind of stuff, you're sitting and you're kind of being talked at, but this was like very conversational. We actually broke out into like a couple different groups. It feels like hyper personal even though you have a good amount of people in the room, but like it almost feels like you're getting a curated conversation around your business from people that have been in a game longer than you have."

Chris Prawdzik

Co-Founder at Body Candy

Chris was able to not only learn about Nano and Micro influencers at he had his team begin implementing before he event left and quickly leverage influencers as a new revenue stream!

Justice Jubilee

Founder at Bucket Culture

"So I came today to this ad intensive because I wanted to learn new strategies and the most up-to-date strategies on what's working now in the e-com space for director Super marketing. Today I was looking forward to definitely learning how to leverage AI tools as well as one of the most UpToDate marketing strategies for like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok Ads come ready to learn, ready to leave with a direction on how to improve your business. And if you're not here, you're missing out."

Robert Miller

Co-Founder at Creator Ads

Robert joined PowerHouse and took immediate advantage of a Fly-In Friday. The value was insane and Robert was able take this info back to his partners and scale!

Meredith Shirk

Co-Founder at Svelte

Meredith, creator of Svelte Training, had no brand presence. Los and team helped her with content creation and scaling her social media channels!

Matt Stine

Co-Founder at Rev Express Marketing

"There's a lot of value that's brought to it. And then the one thing that I was looking for that was put into the curriculum was the ai. It's definitely worth the investment to come out and learn the next level things that you've been looking to learn from, and also you'll get the network up with a lot of high level people that you would not necessarily meet somewhere."

Alex Hadding

Co-Founder at Bolstered Media

"The powerhouse intensive for me is more in depth on tactical information that you could immediately take day one back to your business, your brand, your company, and implement right into what you're doing."

Kat Cseke

Co-Founder at Body Candy

"The information presented was topnotch. We got insider knowledge about ai, about Facebook ad buying, how to automate it, which is invaluable. I have a list of like 10 things that I'm planning to implement. I would highly encourage you to attend because the information presented, it's really information you can't find anywhere else."

Chuckie Gregory

Co-Founder at Club Early Bird

"It's amazing that like such a small group, we were able to interact with such rock stars. If you're thinking about coming to the next event, I would say just come have some conversations with some people."

Our Coaching Program Is 6 Months Of Fully Personalized Training With World class Support To Make Sure You Get The Maximum Value!

The BEST Training In The Industry

Up to date, proven, and battle-tested coaching on Facebook ads, testing and scaling, audience targeting, ad optimization, winning product research, conversion rate optimization hacks, traffic optimization hacks, upsell and cross sell strategies, email & sms tips and tricks, client fulfillment, and all of our processes that are proven to build 6, 7- and 8-figure brands fast and consistently!

6 Months of Direct Coaching

That’s right, we updated the coaching from 3 months to 6 months at the SAME price! We did this because we found the normal success curve takes from 2-6 months, and we want to be with you every step of the way. You now get 6 months of dedicated support, help, and 24/7 personal coaching from PowerHouse!

Access To Our Private VIP Group

This is really the icing on the cake, not only will the mentorship give you access to both Los, Josh (and the ENTIRE PowerHouse team) to ask questions and receive feedback 24/7, but it will also provide you with a support group and accountability partners as you build your business. This is a circle of WINNERS, and we can’t wait for you to join us!

Inside The Influence Engine Experience

Why This Is The BEST Investment You Can Make For Your Future Right Now.

The Influence Engine is a 6 month premier mentorship program for growing your online business with a powerful personal brand that thrives from a steady, reliable stream of clients and customers.

What does success look like as a result of The Influence Engine?

Just imagine leveraging a personal brand that your audience knows, likes, trusts… and buys from again and again...

And fuels your online business with a steady stream of high-quality clients and customers using social media and paid traffic…

So you can optimize and eliminate the erratic four and five-figure revenue spikes...

And scale to $20k… $50k… and $100k months CONSISTENTLY — once and for all.

That’s what The Influence Engine can do for you — and so much more.

It’s the same program that took tons of entrepreneurs and brands — who are no different than you — past a seven-figure run rate in just about 6 months.

That means you won’t have to go through this journey alone anymore. And you can turn the online

business of your dreams... into a reality.

We’re going to hold your hand throughout the process…

...And make sure everything is brain-dead simple for you.

That way, you won’t feel lost. You won’t feel overwhelmed. And you certainly won’t feel like you’re wasting your time, money, or energy...

Because we’ve already done the hard work for you.

And we’re ready to implement these needle-moving levers in your business properly — without overwhelming yourself or suffocating your free time.

Who’s we?

Our Team Of Over 20 Experts Who Have “Been There & Done That” Will Help You Make Smart, Profitable, And Fast Decisions To Grow Your Business Right Now

That’s right. It’s not just me and Josh Snow helping you...

It’s our team of over 20 experts.

I’m talking about trailblazers who have been in the trenches, growing, optimizing, and scaling businesses just like yours.

  • Problems with your funnel? We have someone for that...

  • Problems with your traffic? Let’s help you dial it in...

  • Problems with your sales flow? We’re already on it...​

  • Problems with your operations? There’s a way to solve it...​

  • Problems with your offer? That’s fixable too...​

  • Problems with scaling? You won’t be for much longer...

That only scratches the surface of our service and expertise.

Simply put, you’ll be backed by a team that specializes in sensible and data-based decisions that are crucial to scaling into your next phase of growth.

We streamline your path to success and avoid the costly mistakes and pitfalls that slow you down...

And we truly go above and beyond to accommodate you and your specific needs.

That’s why our team operates out of our 3,500 sq ft headquarters in Orlando, Florida, which allows us to work at our full potential as you pursue your goals wherever you may be.

What’s more…

For us to make sure you succeed, we could NOT make this like any other program out there.

Which means you are NOT…

  • Tossed into a giant crowd with hundreds of other people…

  • ​Misled by “coaches” who only coach coaches...​

  • Burned by grifters that overpromise and underdeliver...​

  • Drowned in a bunch of dense and confusing learning material...​

  • Held back by irrelevant feedback that diverts your momentum...

None of that makes sense for your goals.

Because your goals are bigger. And unique to you (and only you!)

And so is your business.

That’s why we take your issues and needs seriously.

Plus, we want to CRUSH it for you and get you results as fast as possible.

...So, Will You Get The Chance To Be Our Next Success Story?

The choice is yours.

To apply, simply click the button below.

Just don’t wait, because we strive for quality over quantity.

Which means spots are extremely limited.

Clock’s ticking...

Hope to see you inside,

Los Silva

Here’s How The C4 Client Acquisition Method Works

There’s four essential parts to The C4 Method. And if you don't have all of these four parts, you'll struggle getting red-hot leads that result in tons of clients and sales.

Here’s the gist:

The C4 Method is a combination of 4 pillars that power your “engine” as an influencer and business.

The first pillar?

Create content in a specific, easy way that attracts your target market.

Next, that content drives people into conversations.

You know, like DMs on Instagram or Facebook… emails… even phone calls if you want so you can connect with your leads after they resonate with your stuff.

After that, you're taking those conversations and building a community where you can continue to nurture your clients and prospects. Basically, they become a part of your tribe and indoctrinated to your ways.

As a result of the first three pillars, you’ll reach the fourth one — where you’ll convert whatever it is that you sell.

However, the real magic sauce is how much we’ve streamlined the process… and made each step a seamless experience for not only you — but also your leads that literally beg you to take their money once they get to the fourth pillar.

Again, this is true influence — which is a step-by-step process.

I don’t care if you’re in the fitness industry... real estate... or whatever.

Frankly, you could sell sandwiches with the C4 Method for all I care — and you're gonna do great.

It works.


Here's Exactly What You're Getting


Intro, Welcome & Mentorship Breakdown


Building a Personalized Offer and Custom Experience 


Building Your Marketing And Value Assets


Creating & Distributing Content


Understanding The Sales Process & Speaking The Language Of Your Consumer


Sales Follow Up


Coaching/Servicing Your Students/Clients


Maximizing Customer Satisfaction


Email Marketing - Sendlane Walkthrough


SMS Marketing - GoHighLevel & Sendlane Walkthrough


GoHighLevel Training




Facebook Ads (Basic)


Facebook Ads (Advanced)


Google Ads (Basics)


Google Ads (Advanced)

Mentorship Spaces Are Limited...

We Make Sure Everyone Who Joins Our Program Receives The Absolute Best Value & Most Actionable Help Possible. This Means We Only Take A Few Coaching Students At A Time. So Spots Are Limited! 
To Find Out If This Program Is A Good Fit For You, Click Below To Apply! You’ll Be Directed To One Of Our PowerHouse Consultants Facebook Pages Where They Can Personally Answer Your Questions And Let You Know If We Have Any Available Spots!

Here’s More Of What People Have To Say About

Los, Josh & The PowerHouse Team

Greg Nowacki

Greg and his partner joined PowerHouse and within their first year they were able to streamline their systems, enhance their teams and position one of their brands for an exit

Akram Abdallah

"Everything from business, A to Z, is what I feel like we learned from this event" - Akram on attending his first PowerHouse event after becoming a member!

Jordan Beeman

Jordans model was flawed and capped at 6 figure annual revenues for years. Within his first year at PowerHouse he skyrocketed his annual revenue to multiple 7 figures!

Mick Emandi

Mick flew his team in for a Fly-In Friday with Los and the team and was able to get answers to all their questions and leave with clarity on their next steps.

Thomas DeLauer

Thomas, is a leading influencer in the fitness space who need help finding leads and buyers for his fitness business at high volume and low cost!

Justice Jubilee

Justice joined, attended his first event and left with a full list of actionable items to streamline his business and brand!

brandon Carter

Brandon partnered with Los to scale his coaching business and ended up partnering with us on his multiple fitness brands!

Aaron Nimmo

Aaron, creator of Shred4Life, has been able to implement our low budget acquisition strategy to scale is high ticket coaching business!

Akaash Aesthetics

Akaash needed help building his brand, messaging, and targeting, and have now positioned him as the leader in entrepreneurship/fitness coaching!

Keto Kev

Kev took full advantage of the Facebook Community and used the knowledge he gained with us to scale his Keto Coaching from 250 euros to 2,500 euros per month!

Marty Priest

Multi Gym Owner, Marty Priest, was struggling with lead generation prior to working with Los & SVG. Within 60 days of working with SVG Martys gyms had doubled daily new client activations.

Michael C.

"I watched Los's video on ascension based funnels and instantly knew I had to talk to him. Well, just about a year later, between 3 ascension based funnels i've done over one million in sales! Keep in mind, this time last year I had done less than 25k in sales!"

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